Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Obcessed by the Weather

This past week has been great for inside the house. Nights of -43 and beyond, days warm enough only to go out and get more wood in. Too cold to go skiing, going for even a walk more work than it is worth. Back when we had sled dogs we would have been feeding them two big meals with lots of fat and putting lots of extra straw into their houses to help them stay warm. Can't get out to make pots, keeping the shop around 10 c, just to keep the clay above freezing. I am even cutting school this week. Won't make me too popular with the kids, but driving is out of the question and going in for the entire day on the schoolbus, while possible, is a waste of time.

I get emails from my neighbors asking if we are going crazy yet, no one likes to be inside all day. So I am trying to concentrate on making yarn from the dogfur and getting all my hat orders filled. Right now they total over 100, almost halfway there.

Got a call from my flytying supplier, on Monday my supplies for this Spring have been shipped. Hopefully it will be warm enough to start one of our vehicles next week and go pick them up. Anyway, it is more fun to pickup a weeks mail. We get mail three times a week and it is a 20 km round trip to pick it up. We are one of the last places where a real, live human hands you the mail. Hang around the local Post Office and you get all the latest gossip. The main topic usually the weather.

Once things warm up I will go out and take some pictures of my kiln and write about the construction and firing. Until then will try to stay warm.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Keeping Warm

This is how we get our firewood. The snowshoes are there in case the machines have problems. Once we get out on the trails we put them on and go looking for dead standing trees. If there is lots of snow it can be hard going, but excellent exercise in the winter. We bring a lunch and a thermos of tea and enjoy listening to the birds while we have a rest. Three trips are a cord of wood.

Daily Tasks

This is a job we do every couple of days-opening the waterhole. Right now it isn't such a nice day as this...getting close to -40.