Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Puppy Update

Time for an update on the puppies. They are all weaned and running around like crazy. They are trying their best to eat this sled we have on display. You can see one of them trying to eat the runner shoeing off! They ripped this piece of fake fur off the 'photo op', a plywood cutout with holes for people to put their heads. It is of a couple of mushers and a team.
Jazz the orphan pup, only surviver of his litter, is not only still with us, he is finally starting to grow. Still under sized and scrawny, but hanging in there. He is really tough. His big bully cousins occasionally beat him up, but lots of the time he is in the middle giving it back pretty good. Saturday night we will be having our staff party.....the entertainment will be picking the names from our name the puppy contest.

Kiln Food

What a cool birthday present! A great big trailer load of fat slabs. Looks like enough wood for three firings. In fact there is my darling little kiln in the background. Hopefully I'll get some time this weekend to get the old chainsaw limbered up and fill up the kiln shed with food. I have a load of pots all ready to go, just need to free up a couple of day. Next week will be the end of tourist season for us. Dogs will all go back home and start training for the Quest. They are all in great shape and really strong, they need long miles now. Even the yearlings have started to settle down and have spent a good summer learning their jobs.