Monday, December 1, 2014

Current Events

 Some of the mushrooms we collected this Summer. Dried and pickled lots. Ate them many times! So good. Plus it is really fun to find a treasure hunt.
 This is what happens when a Chun glaze is downwind of lots of copper glazes in a kiln that won't stop reducing. There was a huge green flame coming out of the chimney. From last year's horrible firings. Fixed the problem by cutting out bigger primary air holes in the new door. Refired this guy and wowie! The photo does not due justice to it.
 Another pot that got refired. Love it.
 The copper glaze that sells, sells and sells. It goes blue, green, purple, turquoise and every shade in between. Sometimes a pot will be sea green on one side and purple or turquoise on the other.
 My table before the big sale in Whitehorse. People buy LOTS of handmade objects in the North. Any of my customers that are reading this, THANK YOU! I went home without most of this stuff. Can't see my scarves in this photo. Rack was close to empty too.
If you ever wondered what we do with all those berries we pick......this is how some of them end up. High bush Cranberries and Mossberries. 12 gallons of very fine wine!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mr. Grizz

 Saw this guy standing on the road on my way to school on Tuesday. With the snow going fast the bears come out. I stopped and watched him digging up roots and eating them.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Last Week

 Did a craft fair on the weekend. Wasn't bad as far as sales. Saw lots of people I hadn't seen in years. Fun social event, some networking and a day out.
 Playing around with low fire clay and glazes. Lots of colour!! The customers like it more than I do.
 More of my student Violet's tiles using traditional designs. These are for sale $25 each mounted in a hangable beautiful alderwood frame.
 Helped two kids make these volcano bases today. I'll fire them then they can turn them into their science fair projects.
 This is why I am not getting any 'work' done. Spending all day out there planting/transplanting. Have to get up a couple times to put wood in the fire during the night but no biggie. Worth all the lost sleep. I'll have a couple of thousand plants in here before long.
First flowers on the hanging basket tomatoes. Usually about 6 weeks from the first flowers to the first red fruit. With all the sun we get you can see the plants growing from one day to the next.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Here are two of the urns I am making.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Working Again

No photos this time. New laptop. I took a winter trip to the lower 48 to visit my new grandson and my daughter and granddaughter who came from Denmark. Not the 'normal' for me! Couldn't work in my shop and I finally have a reliable sub for pottery classes. Looks like a good way to spend a couple of otherwise boring months.
Making pots like a mad person.Will post some photos as soon as I figure everything out here. Getting ready for a wood firing as soon as the weather breaks a bit. Minus 20 C is NOT fun for firing!!
Greenhouse started too. Getting up at 3 am, then 6 am to fill the fire. Still though, -25 outside and +15 inside during the night. You can see the plants growing each day. Couple of feet of snow here and like the tropics inside!
More later......