Friday, August 29, 2008

This Time Is Serious!

The summer that never was!! First we have Caribou Mountain on the way to work this wednesday. The clouds just lifting off, letting us see MORE new snow. Then this evening after torrential rain showers all day a glimse of Jubilee Mountain from our yard....ugh. Let the whole thing be over and let real winter begin so we can await next year and hope summer returns.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Mud Bogging in the Yukon

On Wednesday after working in the dogyard I went to Whitehorse to have the oil changed in my van. Of course I had the family mechanic do it.....while there I got to see the latest incarnation of the mud bogger. It used to be blue, with a windshield and was named 'Thunderbox'. Excellent name-hearing damage when that thing roared into life. They put Bobcat tires on it for the trips thru the mud. Right now this thing has a broken piston in the motor, saw the new bigger motor on the floor of the shop. They are going to Dawson in two weeks for the new challenge. Also will be putting heavy duty axels in. They broke one in the middle of the 5 ft thick mud, got towed out and it only took them 15 minutes to change it!
Not my cup of tea but those young guys at the shop think it's a blast!

Coldest July on Record

I went to Skagway last Sunday to deliver some pots and hats. Weather seems to be almost the same as last time except a bit greener and a little less snow. On the way home there was MORE fresh snow on both Nares and Caribou mountains. Did not bode well for the overnight temps. It froze at the bottom of my lot, but didn't lose anything in the garden. Some of my neighbors had a diffrent result, and not a good one. I would be willing to bet that some people lost their potato crops.
The lake in the upper photo is Summit Lake on the top of the White Pass, headwaters of the Yukon river and source of the water we pump out of Tagish Lake. One side is regulare 'lake blue' while the other is 'glacier milky' where Summit Creek roars in.