Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Northern Lights Scarves/Baby Bears

Here is my latest effort in the silk department. Inspired by the Northern Lights. Also a couple of baby black bears and their mom by the side of the road. The little guys were up and down trees faster than any cat! They were chasing around and seemed to be having a good time. Mom just kept on eating.
Looks like out late Spring is still happening slowly. Leaves are half out and the temperature is still way below normal. Hope it hurries!!

Monday, May 7, 2012


Not so sure I like the 'new' Blogger. For an older technically challenged person like myself it ain't fun! Tomorrow I go back to making pottery. Just having a fun interlude trying all the Shibori dyeing techniques. I have a couple of silk painting with salt that aren't steamed yet. Very excited about them!
Making pots for a wood firing that should have already happened.....
Today we ate our first tomatoes!! Good old greenhouse. It was worth getting up at 4 am for a month to stoke the stove. Too bad the weather has stopped cooperating. About 6 degrees Celsius colder than normal. Hasn't seemed to stop the bears from waking up!!!