Sunday, December 5, 2010


Took these photos around 3 pm. After the -35 C it looked like we had freezeup coming along nicely. Then one of those huge storms from the Gulf of Alaska moved our way. The temperature went up to 0 C and the winds howled. Some of the ice held, but there is going to be quite a mess at the edge. The sound is amazing, all that bashing and crashing of the ice chunks.
Cooler weather is on the way....won't take long to refreeze and hopefully stay that way.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Guess It Is Winter

We had to go to Whitehorse on Wednesday to deliver the first part of the hat order. We saw these three caribou on the road on the way in. I have been seeing them closer to home. At night of course! Luckily they have a nice big white patch that reflects light. I donèt care how many people complain about my slow driving, you sure don't want to hit one of these guys. Woodland Caribou are BIG. And really stupid too. If they are in the ditch they like to jump up on the road right in front of you. And if they are in the road they like to run down it instead of getting off.
It was getting colder when we got home and bottomed out at -35 C on Thursday morning.