Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting Ready for Fishing

I finally was able to twist some arms and buy some tools for fly-tying for the school. We were able to get 8 sets, thanks to our school council and some help from my materials supplier in Vancouver, Micheal and Young Fly Shop .

The kids are using up hooks at a furious rate. It has exceeded my expectations for popularity. They force every adult that comes into the school to have a go at making a fly. Next week when we have the Bison Feast to celebrate the results of the bison hunt I will be donating a couple hundred of my hand tyed flies for sale. All the money will go into more fish hooks!!

We are using lots of materials that are native to where we live, grouse feathers, diffrent furs, hair from the bison hide and anything else we can find .When I told them to pick up any dead squirrels off the road it didn't go over too well.

The first two pictures are from afterschool. We have used one of our pottery tables for flytying only. The last one is from the Native Language classroom. I did the first lessons in there so I could use the chalk board. I got three of the bigger kids to help with the younger ones until they picked it up. Now everybody can tie the heads. Because we only have 8 sets of tools the kids have to group up and share. They really do help one another learn this way. As you can see by the pictures they are really having fun!

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