Friday, August 1, 2008

Coldest July on Record

I went to Skagway last Sunday to deliver some pots and hats. Weather seems to be almost the same as last time except a bit greener and a little less snow. On the way home there was MORE fresh snow on both Nares and Caribou mountains. Did not bode well for the overnight temps. It froze at the bottom of my lot, but didn't lose anything in the garden. Some of my neighbors had a diffrent result, and not a good one. I would be willing to bet that some people lost their potato crops.
The lake in the upper photo is Summit Lake on the top of the White Pass, headwaters of the Yukon river and source of the water we pump out of Tagish Lake. One side is regulare 'lake blue' while the other is 'glacier milky' where Summit Creek roars in.

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