Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Photos from the NWT

Top is the Lady Evelyn Falls, outlet of the Kakiska River. The falls are about 10 km off the highway. Kakiska Lake is pretty good size, supposed to be excellent fishing in the summer.
Next is a very interesting place with a great story. It is called McNally Falls. Where the road crosses the creek you wouldn't have a clue what is just feet to the North of you. It is what we call a 'three step creek'. While they were doing some location work for the highway they were crossing it with a canoe when the current pulled then down. The two guys managed to jump ashore, but their canoe went over the 50 ft. fall! Apparently it's skeleton was visable for many years after.
The last two waterfalls are the Louise and Alexandra Falls on the Hay River. They are only three km apart and there is a very nice walking trail connecting them. They are only a few km. north of the Alberta/NWT border. As you can see, all the water is brown.
Last photo is of Great Slave Lake, the northern inland sea. It has waves and a sandy beach and driftwood!
I would recommend this trip to anyone who likes the great outdoors. In September there is almost no traffic, bugs-well we won't go there. Doesn't matter though, they weren't that bad. It was really neat seeing all these places we keep reading stories about. I am so glad we did this trip.

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