Friday, December 18, 2009

Will the Lake Blow Out??

You can see the ice on the shore, the remnants from the latest freeze up. A couple of weeks ago it blew pretty hard and took out the waterhole. Then it got cold and froze up again. Today it got really windy and warm. Almost freezing! -4 C. We walked down to the Lake to see how close it was to going out again. You could hear the noise all the way up at the house.
There was overflow all over, luckily just a few inches of snow so not too sloppy. The open water was bashing and crashing away. Still 8 inches of ice though. You could also hear the water under the ice, just a wee bit creepy.
Ken went back and got his snow machine and the water pails. Filled everything up just in case.
This is typical weather in a year when there is an El Nino. Most of our weather comes off the Gulf of Alaska, primo storm breeding grounds. Makes for a warmer than normal and cloudier than normal winter. The forecast for next week is in the minus teens and sunny. Yippie! My favorite winter weather.

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Robert said...

Claudia & Ken
Great Ice Pic's, interesting how the ice bent and sagged over the rocks. Must have got warm enough to be elastic like and not break before refreezing.
This winter has been easy on my wood pile!!

Bob Mc