Monday, April 26, 2010

Gardening in the Land of the Midnight Sun

The picture of the plants under the grow lights was taken 23 March. They moved into the greenhouse later that week. Next one was taken 9 April. These summer squash are in the beds and have babies now. Outside shot taken same day, wow, what a change! Not only is the snow gone, some tiny green things are coming up.
My Mister Lincoln rose has it's first bloom!! It smells wonderful. The entire greenhouse if full of perfume, a really strong rose this one. I took this photo today, as well as the ones of the plants. As you can see, my new greenhouse has a nice crop of pots in it. Great place to dry them, shop is cold and I am sick of making fires. It has been 30 C all week in there, got to get them sanded and terra sig'd to fire by Thursday. First ship of the year comes in on May 5 th, won't have these guys smoke fired by then, but by the next weekend.

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