Friday, August 27, 2010

Picking Blueberries in the White Pass

To start-these aren"t really blueberries but blue huckleberries. All are species of Vassininum and the berries look very simular. No matter, they are really tasty! And for the first time in a few years there is a bumper crop. Not to mention that the place they grow is the most beautiful in the Yukon and one of my favorite places to go. It is about an hours drive to the White Pass, a wild and exotic place. Often windy and the weather can be pretty wild. LOTS of bears (duh...bears and berries go hand in hand in this part of the world).
We only picked for about three hours and got 27 lbs. I now have two huge bags of dried berries and about a gallon to eat each day for breakfast. I don't really need more berries but am planning on going back and exploring for some new patches. The area around the Alaska/Yukon border is above treeline, full of huge rocks, glaciers and hidden glens full of berry bushes. It is a really neat place to go to.

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