Sunday, July 25, 2010

If I can't fire my kiln think I'll Dye!

Same old fire hazard rating. The wind hasn't stopped blowing for months it seems. I have a load of pots ready to meet the fire, however.....not that keen on starting the bush on fire so will just have to wait a bit. In the meantime there are other things to do.
Here we are in the wood shop in the school in Carcross. The pottery area is also in there.Because we are a community school the local people can use the facilities. People come in to plane wood, cut boards, make picture frames etc. using the school equipment. All our pottery stuff actually belongs to the local Rec. board. We have no other place to use it so it is in the school. They pay the power and the heat. Thank you to the Dept. of Education! Of course the school gets the benefit of using it for the classes. Also the Rec. buys all the clay and glazes we use for school. It all works out fine.
Today I held a rainbow dyeing workshop in there. We had a crazy time! First one of the microwaves kept tripping the breaker. Pulled the plug from one of the wheels and moved it, worked fine. Too much laughing! Lots of really good colour combination's made up. I think all the participants were happy with their yarn. In fact we are doing it again next month.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bear with a Broken Leg

We saw this brown phase black bear on the way home from Whitehorse. One nice thing about making a 226 km round trip for groceries is all the wildlife we see by the road. Dall sheep, caribou, moose, bears, wolves and deer. This guy looked like he had been hit by a vehicle. His left front leg was wasn't working and he was all hunched up. Unfortunately for him he was hanging around an area used as a corridor for grizzles. Without the use of his front paw he won't be able to climb and probably will end up as food before he has a chance to heal.