Monday, April 4, 2011

Is Ice Fishing the Most Boring Activity on Earth??

Yes!!! We actually went ice-fishing twice this past week. No wonder I am behind in pot making, flies and hats. After all the beautiful sunny days we picked the cloudy and windy ones to go down the lake. Ken brought his fish finder along.....totally annoying listening to the fish beep when you aren't even getting a bite!
The best part is eating lunch. And it wasn't fish either. First you ride a snow machine 20 kms down the lake, then you drill holes through almost three feet of ice, scoop out the ice chunks while standing in the overflow coming out of the hole, put in the fish finder, THEN you get to 'fish'. The second time we got a little brighter and brought our camping chairs. Our friend had a tent.......good thing as the wind was howling at 20 plus k. from the South. After about 5 hours Dave got a fish!!! My husband says it is the first one he has ever seen pulled out through the ice.
And can you believe this???? We are planning on more trips. Next time I am going to bring my book.


gz said...

I reckon it isn't boring are the one fishing catch something!

lemparbatusembunyitangan said...

What's boring is when seeing someone fishing while you can only sit in front of the computer.