Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Knitting Quiviut

Making the last of my Christmas projects. For those of you who aren't familiar with Quiviut, it is the undercoat of the Muskox, a remnant animal from the last ice age that lives in the Canadian Arctic. It has curved horns and a very long outer coat. The undercoat is a couple inches long and lighter than a feather!

The people on Banks Island hunt them for food and sell the undercoat of the slaughtered animals for their cash source. It is VERY expensive! To buy a 28 gram skein the price last year was $70 Canadian!! The yardage is very high, from 180 meters to 245 meters. This piece is being knit on 3 mm needles and it is killing my eyes.....no matter! It is for a very special person and I hope they like it. The piece is a cowl, a very flattering head garment. This one has four lace panels of twinning flowers that is very complicated to knit. An inch to go, then blocking, and I am finished.

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gz said...

I bet that you'll be relieved..and justly proud-when you've finished. It looks beautiful