Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Warmed up

As usual the weather has taken a dramatic change. But this time toward the warm side of things. It was -17 this morning and almost to 0 C right now. Wind shifted from the North to the South and brought in all that 'warm' air from the Pacific. Our wood pile is still in pretty good shape. Each of the rows are over 2 cords and we have 3 and a half rows left. Every day that it stays warm is more wood saved.
Spent the day baking bread. We don't eat very much of it so this will last for quite a while. The lazy time of year is almost over. Pretty soon it will be full on work so all the stuff I can get into the freezer is time to fill all my orders. And garden starting is just around the corner, only a couple of weeks away!!

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gz said...

Yo Yo weather again!
Halfway between Solstice and Equinox and we were -8 C last night (forecast colder tonight) and should scrape up to +2C if we're lucky today.
I've brought clay into the kitchen to ensure an unfrozen supply when I can endure the cold workshop!