Monday, May 7, 2012


Not so sure I like the 'new' Blogger. For an older technically challenged person like myself it ain't fun! Tomorrow I go back to making pottery. Just having a fun interlude trying all the Shibori dyeing techniques. I have a couple of silk painting with salt that aren't steamed yet. Very excited about them!
Making pots for a wood firing that should have already happened.....
Today we ate our first tomatoes!! Good old greenhouse. It was worth getting up at 4 am for a month to stoke the stove. Too bad the weather has stopped cooperating. About 6 degrees Celsius colder than normal. Hasn't seemed to stop the bears from waking up!!!

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gz said...

beautiful scarves!
The new system isn't that bad, and things are all there, if in different places.
The change I really like is that you just write, and add the pictures as you go instead of posting them in reverse!