Thursday, April 10, 2014

Last Week

 Did a craft fair on the weekend. Wasn't bad as far as sales. Saw lots of people I hadn't seen in years. Fun social event, some networking and a day out.
 Playing around with low fire clay and glazes. Lots of colour!! The customers like it more than I do.
 More of my student Violet's tiles using traditional designs. These are for sale $25 each mounted in a hangable beautiful alderwood frame.
 Helped two kids make these volcano bases today. I'll fire them then they can turn them into their science fair projects.
 This is why I am not getting any 'work' done. Spending all day out there planting/transplanting. Have to get up a couple times to put wood in the fire during the night but no biggie. Worth all the lost sleep. I'll have a couple of thousand plants in here before long.
First flowers on the hanging basket tomatoes. Usually about 6 weeks from the first flowers to the first red fruit. With all the sun we get you can see the plants growing from one day to the next.

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