Saturday, June 7, 2008

Another Day at the Dog Farm

I can't believe that it has been an entire month since I last posted to this blog. A very busy one. I started my part time summer job on May 7th. It is just as much fun as last year. This year we have two young women working with us. Maren is 24 and works in the winter as a mushing guide and Bree is 27 and usually a wildland fire fighter. She is taking the summer off to travel to the Yukon and do something diffrent. She definately picked something really diffrent! These two gals are really hard workers, smart and fun to hang out with. The four of us make a good team and seem to be able to deal with all the usual daily disasters.

This is a great place to spend the summer. Lots of fresh air (sometimes too fresh!), beautiful scenery, sunshine, rain, dogs, dogs and more dogs. Also tourists from all over the world. Everyday you get to meet really interesting people. Plus the added benefit of lots of exercise. I work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11-3. Still have my afternoon pottery classes 3-5. Sometimes I get there on time, mostly about 10 minutes late. Carcross is only 2 km away.

In the photos you can see the puppy and 'friendly' yard. There is always a litter of pups running around and 6 people-friendly dogs. The tourists can buy dog cookies and feed them. It is pretty funny to watch them trying to make a sled dog on its day off sit. Or to shake a paw. All these guys know is to run and gobble down as many cookies as they can!

Some dogs live at CCTP all summer. Everyday Michelle brings 20-30 more from home. Maren brings her dogs every other day. All the dogs alternate working and rest days. Not that they want to. Some of them are totally crazy. We usually have 50-60 at work. The noise level when we hook up the cart is deafening. And sometimes things are really nuts. That is usually the time when some dogs figure it will be fun to fight. Then we all have to jump in and stop it. Usually happens when there are a couple of hundred people watching. Another day at the dog zoo!

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