Monday, June 29, 2009

Results from Latest Firing

Here are some not too good photos from my last wood firing. I was being consumed by mosquitoes so didn't take much care/backgrounds etc. Love those flambe and other copper glazes in the wood. The smallest greenish vase was an experiment with cone 6 clay at the back. That is the place that usually produces refires. It is Plainsman M340, my favorite pit-fire clay. It did make it through cone 8 no sweat, no melting etc. Next time will try it with some Ravenscrag glazes. Instead of busting my behind trying to get it up to temp might as well just go with its natural bent. I started the fire at 4:30 am and fired till 7 pm. First time I didn't do a preheat and it got to temp faster!! Don't know what that my normal cone 11 down in the front and 10 in the rest (except the back shelf).
My pottery classes haven't had the greatest attendance since school is out so have the time to make for my next firing and get paid at the same time. Once the summer people arrive will be busy again.
In the gardening department been eating lots of cucumbers, zucchini, Chinese greens and yummy red tomatoes! Had lettece and green onions for months now. Flowers starting to look good too. A few flower buds on the potatoes too. Just need some warmer weather.

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JBG said...

Nice Blog! And great work too!
This is good advice for those wanting to build a wood fired kiln