Friday, May 29, 2009

News from the Yukon

Some recent photos. Been seeing tons of bears. That big mama next to my van was by Frog Lake on the Skagway Road. We have gotten out at the lake for a pitstop and my dog was really sniffing around. We had just pulled out onto the road when I saw her black yearling cub on the road and fatty mama busy eating by the side of the road. She was the largest sow I have ever seen.

The other two brown guys are twin yearlings that everybody around here has been seeing. I watched them playing on the road, batting each other and shuffling around. Looked like they were having a good time until I interrupted them. The other day they were seen in the bush behind our place. Luckily they run away when they see people.

Fired the kiln. Best ever. It is supposed to be smokeless. However, sidestoking makes big billows of black is a magnet for any planes flying sround. They like to circle around and see the fun!

Last of all an update on Jazz, the orphan pup. After a winter in which he used up more lives than a cat, the unbelievable has happened. He is now a real sled dog!!! He got run over by an ATV, got into a fight with the other pups and got abcessed bites in his neck, and worst of all, ate up two dog fur hats and wouldn't be house trained. He finally got exiled from the house and chained up in the dog yard. Then he was put into training with the rest of the pups from last year. Now we are running him in teams at the dog ride. A nice ending to that saga!

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