Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pots from Latest Firing

Not really set up for nice photos of my pots. Just quick snap shots. Really happy with them all. The one really crusty gut fell off it's brick right into the edge of the firebox and got lots of everything! A bit of quality time with the flapwheel should smooth out some of the rough spots. Kind of wish I was staying around the next couple of weeks and getting ready for some more firing fun. Next one hopefully in October.

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Newfoundout Potter said...

Hi Claudia,
They look great! Seems like lots of redux.I fnally got my second firing of the train last week - did not get as great results as you - but then my "boat" holding the 012 cone to indicate when to start redux blew up scattering bits and pieces into all the bowls.
Do you get good temmokus? - mine turned a mustardy-green so am wondering if too much redux cooling due to clamming up the kiln beofre the embers have died down enough. Also my white glaze - Bone ash glaze - turnd gray but not a nice grey. Setve Harrison mentions that temmukus and other iron glazes get ruined in redux cooling - but does not say what kind of ruined results you get.
I also used soda in the last two side stoking ports with mixed results - really one sided.
You can see some of my pots at my blog as well as on flicker - the first two pages)
Thanks for posting all the pics - your kiln is the closest to what mine is like so I am very interested in all your firings.
Eva Gallagher