Friday, September 10, 2010

Bears? Who would have guessed?

When I go outside the first thing I do is check for 'wildlife'. My trusty dog Cassie is first out and she lets me know who else is out there. She has a major hate-on for bears......we think she was a Karelian bear dog in another life. It is just an assumption you make, living in the bush, that a bear could be outside your door. Usually they aren't, however the possibility is definitely there.
In the last couple years these bear warning signs have started to appear. Some of the new people call the Game dept. every time they spot a bear! They must think they are downtown and this is someone unusual for a bear to walk along the road. There have also been reports of one of them demanding that they try and relocate the bear! Hate to tell them, THIS is the bear's home and you are the invader. If you are respectful to them and don't call them into your yard with your mess they are more than willing to leave you alone. And for the ones who have other ideas, that is what our guard dogs are for.
A couple of images of the changing Fall colours. As we go South it will become Summer again. When we get home it will be Winter.

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