Thursday, November 11, 2010

Work and More work

Back from my latest adventure to the lower 48. Time to get back to work! Just finished four days of pit-firing in my two trashed wood stoves. They work much better than a pit in the ground. Because they are lined with soft brick they hold the heat better and it is much easier to get the temperatures needed for good and consistent colour development. Out of 48 pots fired 46 were good to sell. One cracked and one got a piece of the ratty stove dropped on it....of course it was a large bowl, now on the shard pile.
Spent the afternoons glazing a load for the wood kiln. This afternoon I made the wads and glued them on. Every square inch in my shop is covered with pots. Tomorrow I get the pots from the firing I did before my trip ready for a sale on Saturday. Saturday evening load the kiln and start the fire....guess what my plans are for Sunday, beginning at 4:30 am???? Not to mention the 110 hats just ordered....


Anonymous said...

nice work, as usual Claudia! The shop is looking nice! I can't wait to see inside! soon I'll be back and we'll do a safe firing! :) I miss you tons!
p.s. i really like the potteries with designs on them, like the leaves, it's looking great!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Claudia and the pictures...looks pretty much the same out my window...I do love winter.....Claudia I had a terrible accident with my newest tea urn.....but Doug is fixin it ...but will sure need another one next time around...beg please...I am giving it as a gift and will explain.....oh my I am so clumsy..hey do you have Cami's mailing address...since I am not on facebook I don't know how to communicate with her...I miss her....and looking forward to seeing you and everyone again....hope you have a great Christmas...maybe we will come out to visit...what are you doing for Newyears eve?// anyhow hope all is well...luv brenda