Thursday, September 22, 2011

They Call It Termination Dust......

Blogger has gone all wonky with the order of my photos! The full moon was up the Takhini river on a fun fishing trip last week. We fished a big eddy FULL of grayling. You could see where the fish were holding and watch them feeding. Lots of fun putting a fly right over them and then to watch them refuse your offering....but that's fishing! We finally found some irristable flies and caught some. We saved two for a very tasty dinner.

All the big peaks have snow caps. It might melt off, but I doubt it! August turned out to be a lot like a normal September and September has been about right. The long-range forecast doesn't look if it turns out cooler than normal it won't be unexpected.

We are off to the Hot Springs at Liard River, last taste of warmth for a bit! Nice way to celebrate the end of the tourist season.

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gz said...

beautiful photos.
I like the idea of hot springs..brings to mind the image of the monkeys in the springs in Japan, in the snow!

I get round blogger's image randomness by uploading one by one