Friday, January 20, 2012

Firewood for the Day at -40

If you wonder how we can possibly stay warm when it is -40 and colder here is the answer! With our two wood stoves and an ample supply of wood. This wheelbarrow load is the daily dose at this temperature. Although we both go outside and do things everyday no matter how cold, it still is a drag when it stays cold for a long time. Pottery is also cancelled at school because I hate to put my vehicle through the stresses at this temp. Aside from being on an almost deserted road in the dark! Hopefully next week will warm up and life will get back to 'normal'.


gz said...

you've got a good efficient stove there!
Keep safe and warm.

Claudia MacPhee said...

It is only -25 and snowing today. Amazing how warm this feels after -40!