Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hat Factory

Looks like chaos, but it isn't really.....Right in the midst of filling an order for 60 dog fur hats. They are all in natural colours which makes it a bit of a bore for me. Almost 40 are in this big pile. This is how I keep myself occupied when it is too cold to make pottery. Of course this winter happens to be one that I could have keep my studio open and warm! Very warm weather for us so far. It is supposed to change next week though. Last week was -51 in Tanana, Alaska. That cold was supposed to come down here but we lucked out. Another Pacific storm was big enough to displace the cold. While waiting for Spring I'll just keep slogging away on these hats.

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gz said...

It feels as if the earth is just waiting for Winter, but there are just too many signs of Spring around.