Friday, March 30, 2012

Signs of Spring

Tagish post office is still closed so we have to go to Carcross to pick up parcels. It is a 66 km. round trip. I had hooks for an order, scarves for dyeing and another package of furs waiting for me. Of course the PO isn't open the same days as my pottery classes so have to make an extra trip. GRR..
Today was +6, calm and bright Spring sunshine. We walked over to where the river exits the lake and saw about 30 swans in the open water. The wild Trumpeter swans are the first waterfowl to arrive back in the North. These guys nest from this area all the way into interior Alaska. Next month there will be thousands of them passing through along with Whistling (Tundra) swans, geese and lots of ducks. These are big, beautiful birds and always a pleasure to see.

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