Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yesterday's Scarves

Today I really do have green thumbs. And some fingers too. Instead of doing what I am supposed to I dyed more scarves. With the snow going fast the yard looks ugly. Brown and dead vegetation from last summer and all the junk we forgot to pick up....this makes it look like Spring.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Nice scarves. I just took a weaving fibers class and I am making pillows. I have gone back to school for Art ed., but I would rather be an artist, moods make good art? May I ask how you got started or in your beautiful location. I am thinking if I was surrounded by that there would just be outflow? How are the neighbors. Carrie, Wisconsin

Claudia MacPhee said...

I had a choice between Art school and life. Took the later one. I started making art as soon as someone gave me a pencil. Have confidence in yourself and try everything. As I tell my students-if you don't try you can't fail. If you don't fail you won't ever learn anything.
We are the sum of our experiences. Go for it!!