Thursday, November 15, 2012

Last Wood Firing of the Year

I seem to always be learning things the hard way. I will be spending a day next Spring grinding kiln shelves.....found a couple of new glazes that I WON'T be using again!! I am finished with the Strontium Matt glazes in the wood kiln. I hate grinding glazed on wads off the bottoms of my pots....
Aside from my failed experiments, the rest of the firing went well. Didn't over fire this time and it made a difference in my copper red/purples. It is always the same though.....the good, bad and the really ugly.
This was a tight pack so it took a bit longer. Cone 9 and a half in the cool spot and instead of blasting on I finished the firing. Where the cone pack is usually all melted it was 11 down. Got some beautiful iron reds, but my oil spot experiment is either back to the drawing board or forget it! A pound of glaze in the bottom of a bowl....Mr. Hammer, pleased to meet you!
I won't be firing the wood kiln again until the Spring some time. Got repairs to make and a new firebox door to construct. Now it is off to the Xmas craft sales and dyeing scarves.


gz said...

Still you've got some good work out of these firings- it wouldn't be right to have it 100% good, we'd never learn!!

Sell plenty!!!!

Claudia MacPhee said...

Yes, It is the mantra of my kid's classes....there is no failure in pottery, only learning experiences!