Monday, November 26, 2012

Craft Sales

A photo of my very uninspired display at the last sale I went to. I need to smarten up my display skills. Sold almost everything so maybe I don't! My favorite part of these sales is meeting all the people. I love talking about the process and trying to impart how exciting wood firing is. It is funny when people say "It sounds like a lot of work". I guess it is......but the results make it all seem like fun when it is over.
Today I have to paint lots more scarves. They are all gone and I have my last sale next Sunday. Northern Lights here we come!!

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High-ke said...

Claudia, I would like to host a "spring into summer" arts- and craftsfair in the CaribouCrossing Coffee in May, 12th, start 11am... it will be a rather small event, but I still would love to invite you and maybe you are interested and have time.... please, let me know if you're interested!