Friday, August 9, 2013

Still Summer.....but the end is near.

 Harvest of first eggplants. Already dried and canned 60 lbs. of tomatoes, most of broccoli, cauliflowers and loads of mixed vegies. Garden looking a bit on the worn side. Still lots to go!
 Fall scarfs.

 Otter Falls. This beautiful waterfall used to be on the Canadian $5 bill. When they built a hydro damn on the river and messed it up they changed the bill! It had been raining when we went up there so the falls were 'on'.
Alaska Highway going North just out of Haines Junction, Yukon. Nice! Once our chickens are all in the freezer it becomes the time for lots of trips around the Territory. Trying out some new fly patterns. Drawing the same isn't the fly, it's your ability to cast and knowing how to 'fish' the fly.
Next week we'll be going South on the highway to Liard Hot Springs. Can't wait!

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