Saturday, June 22, 2013

Silk Dyeing Workshop

 Cow with a new baby we saw a week or so ago.
 Some of my new latest work. Still having fun....
 Pottery shop transformed into a dyeing workshop.
 Too many colours to choose from!
 One of the three Lindas and her excellent work for the day.
More happy participants and their best efforts.

  Really nice day working with my old and new friends doing a silk scarf dyeing workshop. Sorry I didn't get photos of everyone's work. It was an all day effort. I was dead beat when I got home. The worst part is always packing up my shop here and transporting it to the school. Then packing it back up again to take back home. We will probably be doing another session sometime later in the Summer using natural dyes. Seems like I am going back to my roots......Been a few years but the knowledge and experience is always there. Will try to modernize it using the microwaves. I would never use it for food. As a tool for dyeing fibre/fabric-can't be beat!!!

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