Friday, February 8, 2008

My Kiln:Naad aagi heen x'ann

This is my woodfired kiln that I built last year. I am madly in love with it. Fires like a dream, uses very little wood and does fantastic things to my pots. The wood piled under cover is enough for two firings. I also have a big box full of small scraps that I 'drop from the top' at the start of the firing. There is also some side stoke wood that is out of the picture.
It is 25 cu ft inside, last firing there were 70 pieces, including lids . I counted them when I made the wadding. So far I have fired it three times, always on the full moon. Last time was in October. That night it got to -10c. Think that is my limit. Since then it hasn't been warm enough to do another firing.
Today when I took these photos it was a high of -30. Last night was -40, and right now at 11pm it is already much for Global Warming. My kiln wood pile is in danger of turning into house wood if it doesn't warm up pretty soon. We usually like it to be -15 or above to go get wood. I need two or three days of -10 or above to fire the kiln, guess I'll just have to wait.
By the way, the name I settled on means flowing river of fire in Tlingit.

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