Thursday, January 27, 2011

End of January in Sight!!

My least favorite month of the year is almost over. Only that one bit of really cold weather....and we survived it!! The past week has been warm (0 C for the high and maybe -3 C at night). Now it is cooling off, but nothing too bad.
Had lots of people out for afterschool pottery. The youngest was 10 months. He spent most of his time in his Nannie's backpack. There are two 'littles', one 17 mo. and one 18 mo. They both are making things. It is amazing how quickly they start to learn to manipulate clay.
It is lots of fun to come out and socialize while you make things. There is a really nice atmosphere to our clay space. We have people just dropping in to talk and see what everyone is making.
Although seeing a deer is not thought of as exotic in most places, it is here. they have just recently colonized our area. 10,000 years ago there was a mile of ice and now trees, people, deer etc. Actually there were 4 deer in the heard crossing the road. My camera batteries failed from the cold after the first photo!

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gz said...

good to see them all enjoying themselves