Monday, January 17, 2011

Keeping Warm at -40 and Below......

We are just coming off one of those dreaded cold spells. We only got to -42, but had neighbors down to -47. In Fahrenheit degrees that is somewhere in the -60 range. We are on a 5% south slope about 80 feet above the lake so the cold air rolls past down into the hole. Also we are getting some sun in the afternoon and it is shining right into the house!!!! Everyday is getting longer, yippee!
As you can see, we have a nice wood pile. My favorite Pacific energy stove cranks out the heat. We have to hang around close to the stove adding more wood every couple of hours. Luckily for us the cold weather only lasted a few days. It is only -29 now....heat wave!!

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gz said...

and we've been setting records here in Wales with -19!!

Just found your blog from your sig in clayart

I have stove envy....but I'd need to move out of the village centre to have one again. Then I could have a visitable workshop and do reduction firings, me thinking now!!

verification word..under