Monday, April 15, 2013

Coming Up for Air

It has been a very busy almost four months since Christmas. I did a 1,200 piece pike fly order, then a sale in Whitehorse, a large scarf order and am just finishing a 5,500 plus fly order. Just 150 to go!! Meanwhile getting the greenhouse going and starting way too many plants. Seems to be a habit I can't break. Yesterday I took a break from it all and spent the day dyeing scarves with a couple of my friends at the school in Carcross.
The weather has been much cooler than average so the snow is still with us. Today was bright and sunny and melting! It was 4 outside and 30 in the greenhouse. I went truant on the job and spent the day transplanting. This morning I hosted a field trip for the K-4 class to the greenhouse. We planted seeds and I let them eat some of my lettuce and mustard plants. They wanted to eat them all! It was great fun. I do pottery with them on Thursdays so they are all my buddies.
The top photo is of the mouse imitation. Works great! Pike love them. Next post will be when I finish the last fly order, hopefully with a photo of them all. Won't know what to do after every waking moment working.

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Anonymous said...

What an impressive collection of plants!