Saturday, April 20, 2013

Big Fly Order Finished!

There were so many boxes of flies that it was difficult to photograph them. From the smallest grayling/trout fly to the huge pike flies, here they are. Or were....all are now in the store in Whitehorse. After 30 years this is the last order for Sports North. They sold their building and are winding down the business in November and moving to Costa Rica!! Meanwhile there won't be any place to buy fishing stuff left. Who knows what will be happening next year!!
Back at the ranch I will start making pottery again tomorrow. It was -15 last night but will be warming up over the next week. Also silk scarves will get underway. Lots of developments coming up for the Summer.
Today was a typical Yukon spring day. Blue sky and lots of warmth in the sun.The swans are back. Won't be long and we will have leaves and all the birds will be back. Then the next flock will be the tourists. That will really be Summer!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the uncertain future of your flytyeing production. Do you have a goal and plan for your future work for production of fishing flys? Who knows maybe a short-cut or the right resources are just around the corner. In the old days you said that your motivation was based on art and biology.

Claudia MacPhee said...

Thank you for your comment. I have a new client who retails over the internet. Next year I plan to make flies for all the craft fairs and community market sales. There is also the off chance that someone will open a fishing store in Whitehorse and get me to tie their flies. I love making fishing flies! Maybe now I'll have more time to experiment with new patterns and make up some more of my own. I have some private clients too. Something will turn up!!