Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Did It!!

Well, the mouseholes are still open but the rest of the kiln is clammed up and waiting for the couple of days it will take to cool off. This was the fastest firing I have ever had. Weird too as it was -12 this morning when I started out at 4 am. When I looked at the cones at 4 pm both 8 and 9 were down!! I am really tired but HAPPY!! Lots of stuff for my Xmas sales are in there.......

The amazing thing is all the wood I still have. I used some different spruce from the bush across the road instead of just straight slabs. Seems like lots more 'punching power' in that wood. Anyhow there are tons of dead trees that are just a fire hazard so I will be doing a good deed by burning it up to fire my lovely pots.

Got some good shots of the flames coming out of the chimney in the dark....all in all I am glad it is finished and am looking forward to my nice bed.

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gz said...

looking forward to seeing the work!