Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Sale of the Season

Some pictures of the pots I had for sale this morning at Tagish. We had packed them into the truck last night.......then it got to -29.....needless to say they were FREEZING COLD when I unpacked them today. Yikes, was afraid of getting frostbite. They didn't take that long to defrost thank goodness.

For a very short time and small customer base it was an amazingly good result. Thank you neighbors and friends for the support!! We will be at Marsh Lake next Sunday morning and then at Carcross On the 3rd of December.


gz said...

That blue jar in the middle of the bottom stands out and shouts loud!! Lovely

Claudia MacPhee said...

Sold it quite early on too. The glaze is a barium/copper blue. On the front side it was pink and drippy from the ash. I sort of hated to see it sold..