Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kiln Opening

We have some seriously melted cones here! And this was from the top of the back shelf.....that Aussie flamethrower technique really works. Dumbo here forgot to wad the conepack so I am hoping a hit with the chisel will take it off. Lost two pieces to ugliness and two big ones to cracks. One of those was a combo of crack AND ugly.

The pack was fairly light. I did the classic pear shape that works best for this kiln. Also lots of little pieces. For only 12 hours there was plenty of ash, too much in places. Now I have some glued on wads to grind off feet. Never a pleasant task, but more so when it is supposed to get in the -20's this week.

The cage on the table is a chipmunk and squirrel size Havaheart live trap. We had a plague of them and their friends the voles and deer mice this past Summer. An ermine has moved in so that should help.


gz said...

a good firing- definitely not undercooked!

Newfoundout Potter said...

They look great - I wish that I had reviewed the e-mail you sent me detailing your firing and stoking technique as this last firing of mine a week ago was a total disaster - no reduction, no carbon trapping and totally cold for the last third near the chimmeny. It will keep me humble. Will post to my blog once I get caught up on my other posts.

Claudia said...

The cones were 8 to 11.

Eva, Sorry to hear about your dud firing. My last one was a semi-dud. It was the crappy wood I had. It was really old and from the top of the slab pile and also kind of wet. I got most of the pots okay, a bunch of good ones and about 10 refires. Tried a couple of new glazes that I hated, so that didn't help. Keeping the coal bed from clogging is the most important thing I am beginning to realize.

GranMa Mc said...

Hey Claudia
Was checking out your Fireing Blog, looks like some beautiful work!! Got to get Ken working on how to capture all that escaping BTU's to use in the house when the temps drop below -0's!!!
Finally warmed up here, broke low temp records most every day for the last week!! Been being responsible getting chores done this fall, have only hooked up dogs about 4 or 5 times so far. No racing, just work at getting them ready for a spring trip or two and hauling in more "condensed solar energy" for next winter. Try a web search on "rocket stoves" I did a rocket stove mod on my dog food cooker, use a old 100# propane tank (open Bottom & capped top) UR wood feed's verticlely (sp) via gravity all the heat is on the bottom. A lot less wood cutting and feeding!!! Take Care Bob Mc