Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Sale of the Season

Some pictures of the pots I had for sale this morning at Tagish. We had packed them into the truck last night.......then it got to -29.....needless to say they were FREEZING COLD when I unpacked them today. Yikes, was afraid of getting frostbite. They didn't take that long to defrost thank goodness.

For a very short time and small customer base it was an amazingly good result. Thank you neighbors and friends for the support!! We will be at Marsh Lake next Sunday morning and then at Carcross On the 3rd of December.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kiln Opening

We have some seriously melted cones here! And this was from the top of the back shelf.....that Aussie flamethrower technique really works. Dumbo here forgot to wad the conepack so I am hoping a hit with the chisel will take it off. Lost two pieces to ugliness and two big ones to cracks. One of those was a combo of crack AND ugly.

The pack was fairly light. I did the classic pear shape that works best for this kiln. Also lots of little pieces. For only 12 hours there was plenty of ash, too much in places. Now I have some glued on wads to grind off feet. Never a pleasant task, but more so when it is supposed to get in the -20's this week.

The cage on the table is a chipmunk and squirrel size Havaheart live trap. We had a plague of them and their friends the voles and deer mice this past Summer. An ermine has moved in so that should help.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Did It!!

Well, the mouseholes are still open but the rest of the kiln is clammed up and waiting for the couple of days it will take to cool off. This was the fastest firing I have ever had. Weird too as it was -12 this morning when I started out at 4 am. When I looked at the cones at 4 pm both 8 and 9 were down!! I am really tired but HAPPY!! Lots of stuff for my Xmas sales are in there.......

The amazing thing is all the wood I still have. I used some different spruce from the bush across the road instead of just straight slabs. Seems like lots more 'punching power' in that wood. Anyhow there are tons of dead trees that are just a fire hazard so I will be doing a good deed by burning it up to fire my lovely pots.

Got some good shots of the flames coming out of the chimney in the dark....all in all I am glad it is finished and am looking forward to my nice bed.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Another Visit to the Slab Pile

I spent the day glazing pots, getting ready for another firing. Actually it looks like two firings back to back...... It takes a while to recover.Be nice to have some help.....guess I am lucky to have some in getting the wood.

This pile used to be lots bigger. I thought I had a lifetime supply if no forest fire got to it first. However it now seems like some of my neighbors have discovered it as a handy source of firewood. We need someone to do some saw-milling, too bad the government makes it so difficult!!

Snow has come and gone a few times. It probably won't be long before we get some that stays put. More later!!