Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting There!

Finally! Sid the electrician and his helper/girlfriend Brianne are almost finished with the wiring of the new shop. Won't be long before I can get my electric kiln in there and can bisque fire at home. No more tender packing and transporting greenware over the bumpy gravel road. It is nice that I can fire for free at the school, but a total pain in the rear to pack them up, drive slowly for the 5 km to the chipped road, then unpack, fire, repack blah, blah, blah.....
Then there is the pugmill I bought last winter. Got a 20 amp circut dedicated for it. Can move it in once I get the place inspected and the power hooked up.
Of course we still don't have the doors up, have to insulate, do the floor, figure out what we are putting on the walls (thats a big one, too many options and I hate drywall). Still it is exciting to see some more progress.

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