Thursday, July 17, 2008

Orphan Pups

We had a tragedy at the kennel. Taz, a beautiful white leader with bright blue eyes, died four days after giving birth to five puppies. The grandfather of these pups was the foundation dog of Ed's kennel so they really wanted to save them. The father is Axel, one of the main leaders of the Quest team and a great dog. Out came the baby bottles and puppy milk replacer.
Puppies need to feed every two hours in the daytime and every three in the night so this is like having cranky triplets! Hello sleep depravation. Until today Ed has been the prime caregiver. Today he needed a break so we had them at work and got to take care of them. Ed is just posing for the picture, he left to cut lawns as soon as I took these. He is feeding Monster Boy who is always starving and is twice the size of the other two survivors. He has developed the habit of sucking on the other two and has to be seperated from them lots of the time. A couple of night ago Ed and Michelle brought him in bed with them in the night when they were just tired of dealing with him (hey parents, remember those days??). Michelle got to wake up to him crawling on her head and peeing in her hair!! Fun and games....
In the photos Michelle is feeding the little girl and Maren is practicing for parenthood feeding Badger the holstein guy. Their eyes are now open and they are starting to eat some solid food. We hope that they will catch up in size once they get to eat meat and other goodies. Right now they are thin but pretty vigerous, bodes well for their continued survival. As they grow I will update the blog.

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