Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Month Is It???

This could have been titled 'Snow in July', just a bit depressing. On my way to work yesterday I saw this dusting on the top of Caribou Mt. Took the photos through my windshield, a few dog nose prints and squished mosquitos make it kind of blurry. When I got outside to take a clearer one my camera batteries died. You can see that all the snow from last winter hasn't melted off from the avalance shoot in the cirque.
The temp in Teslin was 0.7 for the low. It was around 5 at our place because the wind was blowing all night. Think the wind has blown almost steady from the W/SW for a month. Gets up to the 20-30 K mark almost every day. We had a high of 12 yesterday to really make it a good one. This is nuts! According to the Anchorage newspaper this is looking to be the coldest summer recorded. Lucky us!
Note on the orphan puppies-the little girl has died and Badger isn't looking like he'll make it. Monster Boy is still eating and looks okay at this point.

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Anonymous said...

You have the most BREATHE taking Photos of the moutnains I've seen recently. AMAZING