Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Took this photo off my deck a couple of days ago. Pot of Gold?? Hey, this is the Yukon! There is gold almost everywhere. As I have mentioned before this is the third rainy summer in a row. Temps have been about 5 degrees C colder than normal, in the 15-16 range. Occasionally there is a semi-warm day. Only good thing is that I haven't had to pump water very often. Also the dogs at work like it very much. Only one day so far that we have had to shut down early because of heat.
Outside vegies are looking good. Summer turnips are ready, some chinese greens are already finished, spinach is in the freezer, sno-peas starting to bloom, lettece and herbs are beautiful, potatoes are huge. Of course it is raining again so will post a garden pic when it stops..don't know how many days away that will be.

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