Thursday, July 17, 2008

Name the Puppy Contest

On the days when work is slow we really don't have much to do but sit around and talk to each other. Sometimes we come up with the most brillant ideas, and I think this is one of them. Name the Puppy! For the small sum of $1 you can buy a slip of paper with spaces for six names. Each of the puppies has a diffrent coloured collar to identify it. You fill out the names and when we do the draw for names you get six chances to win the great prizes. They are a poster, a book and a stuffed baby husky toy, all visable in the photo.
The most difficult part was getting those guys to hold still for a picture. I got Rika to try and hold them...fat chance! They will be five weeks old on Saturday and are big enough to go the way they want. We woke them up from a sleep so I thought they would cooperate, not likely.
These guys should be super dogs. their mother is Patti, the sister of Axel, another excellent leader and quite the personality if you like dogs that have small dog syndrome. She is small and tough and thinks she is a pit bull. Right now the puppies are a pretty big hit with our tourists. Being raised at Caribou Crossing is wonderful for the socialization process of baby dogs. They are handled by tons of people and turn into excellent cookie beggars....yes, we sell healthy treats to people so they can feed the friendly dogs. When they grow up and are working at the dog ride they love being petted and handled. we are now working last years yard pups and they love all of us. Not a kennel shy one.
Last week Franchesca, another white leader and previously freatured on my blog on a winter camping trip, had four huge puppies. Will post a shot of them when they come for visits.

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